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The Portuguese gastronomy is extremely tasty, and as rich and varied as its landscape; it is definitely worth an escapade for a taste of Portugal.

The sea, a landmark in the history of Portugal, has a remarkable influence in Portuguese cuisine. Grilled fish – probably the best fish in the world – always very fresh, such as seafood abounding along the coast, is one of the traits of the country.

The salted codfish, a true national legend, has been present in the Portuguese gastronomy since the 14th century. It is the king of several succulent meals and it is part of many different recipes.

The Portuguese are the largest consumers of cod in the world – captured in distant seas – it is integrated in many Portuguese traditions around the table. Do not forget to taste the famous “pastéis de bacalhau”, the “Bacalhau à Brás” or the grilled cod: real scrumptious snacks. Portuguese olive oil, of prime quality, is the essential ingredient of every dish.