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A stay in Portugal will make you discover a country rich in ancient traditions, like the Fado, music of the world that is genuinely Portuguese, and a recognised symbol of the country.

The Fado is a state of mind that expresses musically the Portuguese character, nostalgic destiny (in Latin fatum) a mixture of sadness and “saudade” – a word that has no translation and represents grief and nostalgia felt about those who departed.


With a long tradition and internationally renowned performers, such as Amália Rodrigues on the 1940s, Fado has been reinvented and includes now new interpreters such as Mariza, Carminho, Ana Moura, Raquel Tavares, Cuca Roseta and Camané that takes the Fado to a younger audience.

Fado dinners are one of the most popular tourist attractions in Portugal, both for a weekend in Lisbon and for a group tour in Portugal.