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Alentejo is located in the south of Portugal, between the River Tagus – “Tejo” and the Algarve. Spain is Alentejo’s land border to the east and the Atlantic Ocean is the maritime boundary to the west. This is a wide and mainly rural region, sparsely populated, that represents one-third of the national territory.

The beauty of the landscape and the quality of its archaeological, monumental, architectural and ethnographic heritage, along with the excellence of its gastronomy and wines, provide exceptional conditions for a discovery aiming a unique marriage between nature and cultural tourism.



Narrow streets lined up with traditional white-washed Mediterranean houses (to resist the heat) lead up to impressive monuments and treasures that reveal the rich history and heritage of the Alentejo’s capital: Évora.

Breathing a quiet and inviting atmosphere, the roman city, Évora, was the place chosen by the kings of Portugal, in the 15th century, for their residence. That contributed to its development and cultural importance in the following centuries. Thanks to its ancient history and its typical and very well preserved urban features dating from the 16th to the 18th centuries, UNESCO classified the city of Évora as a World Heritage Site.