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Azores Islands

In the blue immensity of the Atlantic, Mother Nature has created a land full of natural beauty begging to be explored: the Azores Archipelago.

São Miguel, the largest island, seduces with its “Sete Cidades” and “Lagoa do Fogo” lagoons, holding a unique architecture – of dark, volcanic stone. The tasty pots of “Cozido das Furnas”, are lowered into the ground and cooked all day, a whole new level of cooking that will make it an unforgettable feast. Before eating the “cozido” you can stroll in Terra Nostra Park, dated from the XVIII century, it is one of the most beautiful gardens of the island, and soak in the hot geothermal pools, or you may also enjoy some golf party.

There are many wonders to discover but the highly appreciated one is the Nature and its magnificence, present in all the islands and in a powerful way – bordering the paths with lush rails of hydrangeas, sometimes covering the rugged relief with patchwork of pastures in the most diverse shades of green, or involved in water cascades where least expected.